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AJ Waterproofing Reviews

AJ Waterproofing
3774 Kratz Rd,
Collegeville, PA 19426

AJ Waterproofing Reviews on Google

At the time of our research, AJ Waterproofing had 30 Google reviews with a 4.6 star rating.

There were a total of three negative reviews on Google. Two negative reviews were based on claimed no-show appointments. And the third negative review was based on a claim that a switch was installed incorrectly resulting in it costing more money for the customer.

The remaining 27 reviews were all positive, 5-star reviews. Some of the reviews expressed their gratefulness that AJ was willing to give helpful information even though the individual was out of AJ Waterproofing’s service area.

Another customer was recommended by a friend that used AJ Waterproofing. This person was happy with the price and still have a dry basement two years later.



AJ Waterproofing Reviews on Yelp

We search through a lot of basement waterproofing reviews and have found that most basement waterproofing companies rarely have more than two or three reviews on Yelp. We have also noticed that in most cases reviews found on Yelp for waterproofing companies are mostly negative. We were surprised to find that AJ Waterproofing had 8 reviews on Yelp. On top of having the 8 reviews, AJ Waterproofing has an 4.5-star rating.

The one negative review that we found wasn’t based on the quality of AJ’s service, but how the initial phone conversation went.¬†

AJ Waterproofing Reviews on Angie’s List

We found that AJ Waterproofing had an A rating out of 194 reviews on Angie’s List. Of the 194 reviews, 181 reviews were given an A rating. The common thread that we saw on Angie’s List was many customers mentioned AJ’s helpfulness, quality of work, and cleanliness.¬†

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